How much should my child practice?
It is always best to discuss this with your child’s teacher to decide on a plan that works for your child. A rule of thumb for beginners practice is to have your child practice each day a number of minutes equal to twice his or her age. This may vary depending on your child’s level of advancement. It is sometimes easier for younger children, however, to be told to play each piece a given number of times rather than to have to practice a given number of minutes. It is always better to practice a daily rather than to save it all for the weekend or the night before the lesson. Children frequently need some type of reward system for practicing. This is often stars or points on a chart which lead to some privilege or reward at a given accumulation.
Is it all right if we only have a keyboard for our child to practice on?

We do have students who start out practicing on a keyboard. We ask that they treat the keyboard as though it were a piano, sitting at proper height. Ultimately, students will need more keys, the pedal, the ability to play loud and soft, and the different touch that a piano provides.

When will my child be able to play in the band?

Students are invited to join the band when the teacher decides they are ready. It is generally understood that all students who are learning to play a band instrument will ultimately play in the band.

Where can I buy or rent an instrument?
Our recommended stores for the purchase or rental of instruments are House of Woodwinds in San Ramon, C and L Music in Concord, and Campana Music in Lafayette. For pianos, we recommend Legacy Piano in San Ramon.
Can my child take lessons if he/she does not go to one of the listed schools?

If your child does not attend one of the 12 core schools, he/she may take lessons at home if it is geographically feasible for us.